Helping Preserve Your Assets During Divorce

High net worth divorces can be more complicated than other divorce cases. Because more assets and money are involved, settling property division, alimony and child support matters can take more time. In these types of cases, a knowledgeable family law attorney can protect your interests and help ensure you receive a suitable settlement.

My name is Mike Darlington. I fight to obtain fair settlements that meet the needs of my clients and their children. Combining over 30 years of legal experience, extensive litigation work and financial background, I will aggressively protect your interests. I serve clients from my office in Redding, California.

Complicated Asset Valuation And Protection

In high net worth divorces, parties must determine which property and assets each brought into the marriage and which were accumulated together during the marriage. Only items acquired during the marriage, referred to as community property, are divided in divorce proceedings.

Once the community property is separated from individual property, each asset is assigned a fair market value. Then, the assets are distributed. While the process sounds fairly simple, many factors can complicate matters, including:

  • Inherited money
  • Gifted money
  • Family-owned businesses
  • Retirement, annuity funds and profit-sharing accounts

Your high net worth divorce is too sophisticated to trust to an inexperienced lawyer. I have handled several of these cases, assisting in the division of high-value property during divorce and separation proceedings. Contact my office to discuss how I can help you.

Knowledge Of Intricate Financial Principles

Prior to practicing law, I worked in the mortgage, finance and banking industry for 20 years. During this time, I gained an in-depth understanding of financial principles. This helps me comprehend intricate financial formulas common in many high net worth divorce cases.

Discuss Your Situation With A Skilled Lawyer

To learn more about high net worth divorce and property division, speak with an aggressive and experienced family law attorney and former U.S. Marine. Contact me online or call my office in Redding at 530-410-0858.

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