Appeals, Palimony And "Marvin" Actions

While common law marriage is not recognized in California, unmarried couples who live together do have some property rights. If you have been living with your partner for a period of time and your relationship ends, consult with a skilled family law attorney to determine whether or not you have a claim for support, referred to as palimony.

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What Exactly Is Palimony?

Palimony refers to an unmarried individual's ability to collect support payments from a former partner. These matters are called "Marvin" actions, based on the case involving late actor Lee Marvin.

The actor's former live-in girlfriend, Michelle Triola, sued Lee Marvin after their relationship ended. She sought financial support similar to alimony, which is spousal support payments that married couples divorcing may seek. Michelle Triola won her case.

Do I Have A Claim For Palimony?

If you and your partner made an agreement regarding your cohabitation arrangement, the courts may grant you palimony. For example, if one person agreed to provide financial support for the residence while the other agreed to maintain the premises, the person who did not provide financial contributions could make a claim for support from the other.

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In a palimony or "Marvin" action, assets and shared property are not divided the same way community property is divided in a divorce proceeding. To help you fight for your share of the shared assets, make sure you hire a skilled lawyer to represent your interests.

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