Pursuing Your Rights During Child Custody And Visitation Cases

Child custody is one of the most contested issues in divorce and paternity cases. When parents are unable to agree, it is essential that they protect their rights by hiring an experienced family law attorney who will keep the children’s best interests in mind.

My name is Mike Darlington. I represent parents engaged in custody and visitation battles from my office in Redding, California. I understand how important your children are. As your lawyer, I will aggressively fight to pursue your right to remain a strong presence in their lives. To schedule a free initial consultation, contact my office.

Preserving Client Rights Since 1984

California courts generally believe children should have equal time with each parent. Unfortunately, in some situations, this does not serve the best interests of the children. When one parent works a varying schedule or is unfit to spend unmonitored time with the children, the court may reconsider the time-sharing plan.

When you retain my services, I will work to keep you in your child’s life by:

  • Listening to your situation and goals
  • Identifying possible solutions
  • Negotiating a resolution that works for you

I believe children should not suffer as a result of a divorce or separation. They need their parents. My goal is to help you reach a reasonable resolution that includes you maintaining a strong relationship with your children.

Comprehensive Quality Legal Representation In Child Custody And Visitation Matters

I handle a range of custody issues, including:

  • Joint physical custody, joint legal custody and sole custody
  • Child support calculation
  • Visitation schedules
  • Paternity matters
  • Modifications

At my office, I am dedicated to helping children. For over 10 years, I held the contract to represent minors in the Rancho Cucamonga Courts in San Bernardino County, California. During that time, I protected the rights of over 500 minors. Trust my experience and skill to work for you and your children.

Protect Yourself By Hiring An Experienced California Family Law Attorney

If you are engaged in a child custody or visitation dispute, the other parent will most likely hire legal counsel. If you fail to do so, you could irreparably damage your case. Contact me online or call my office in Redding at 530-244-2600 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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