Looking Out For You During Divorce And Legal Separation

The prospect of divorce or legal separation can create a variety of emotions. Even if the action is uncontested, it can be painful to lose what once seemed a source of unwavering support. When you add in complicated legal proceedings, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

My name is Mike Darlington. At my law firm, located in Redding, California, I understand that clients facing divorce and legal separation are going through an extremely difficult time. As your attorney, I will walk you through the legal process, while fighting to protect your interests.

Lawyer Aggressively Protecting Your Interests

When your marriage is being dissolved, it is critical that you protect yourself and your assets. Your spouse will most likely retain counsel. Without an experienced lawyer, you could expose yourself to unnecessary risks, such as losing the opportunity for child custody, support payments or property.

I have represented clients in over 2,000 uncontested and contested divorce proceedings. I handle all related divorce matters, including:

My background in finance enables me to comprehend difficult financial formulas common in a majority of divorces. I prepare each case as though it were going to trial. If a settlement offer is made, I will help you determine if the offer is reasonable.

Divorces can quickly become ugly. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for one party to make accusations of domestic violence against the other side in an attempt to gain leverage in child custody hearings. Contact my office for strong divorce representation.

Knowledgeable Legal Separation Counsel

There are several reasons people file for legal separation rather than divorce. Many do so for religious or spiritual purposes. Others choose to leave a marriage intact to maintain insurance coverage.

The process and outcome of legal separation is similar to divorce, though this action doesn’t dissolve the marriage. A legal separation can involve:

  • Child custody agreements and visitation schedules
  • Child support payments
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Property occupancy agreements

To discuss if legal separation is right for you, contact my office.

Over 30 Years Of Legal Experience

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