When The Rest Of Your Life Depends Upon It,

Only The Best Will Do

A law firm committed to defending your rights when family law issues arise.

When The Rest Of Your Life Depends Upon It, Only The Best Will Do

A law firm committed to defending your rights when family law issues arise.

A Successful Record In Family Law Appeals

In family court, you are putting sensitive matters in the hands of a judge. If the ruling goes against you, it can be devastating, especially when it involves custody of your children or thousands of dollars in financial support.

The judge’s decision is not necessarily the final word. I have successfully appealed family court rulings on behalf of clients. But you can’t appeal simply because you lost or didn’t like the judge’s terms. We have to show that the court erred in some way.

I am Redding attorney Mike Darlington. I am one of the few lawyers in this part of California who takes these cases. Call me at 530-536-2865 to discuss your possible family law appeal.

Can You Appeal A Family Court Ruling?

To get a ruling overturned, we have to prove that the proceedings were unfair to you or flawed in some way. For example, if the judge allowed or disallowed crucial evidence or testimony, it could be grounds for appeal. Or if the other party withheld information that would have changed the court’s ruling. Or if your previous lawyer missed a filing deadline or otherwise hopelessly bungled your case.

I have successfully appealed rulings of the local courts before the 3rd District Court of Appeal in a range of cases relating to divorce, custody, child support and alimony.

How Does An Appeal Work?

In an appeal, the court does not re-try the case or consider new information. The appellate court only considers the original testimony and whether the trial court correctly applied the law and provided due process in reaching its decision.

  • Appeals have strict rules and time limits. I make sure everything is “by the book” to give you the best chance of success.
  • California does not automatically supply a court reporter for family court proceedings. It is very difficult to appeal without a detailed transcript of the hearing or trial. I will often hire a court reporter to make sure we have that official record.
  • I regularly raise issues at trial, anticipating the judge will overrule us, to protect your right to appeal later on those points of law.
  • From 35 years of practicing family law, I have a good sense of what is important to the appellate court and what is irrelevant. I am skilled at writing appellate briefs and preparing oral arguments that get results.

Find Out Where You Stand

Appeals are tough to win. But when your financial future or your parental rights are on the line, I am ready to fight for you. Call me at 530-536-2865 or contact me online. I take cases throughout Shasta County and neighboring counties of Northern California.

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