The Special Considerations In A ‘Gray Divorce’

In the last three decades, the number of people divorcing after age 50 has doubled. A so-called “gray divorce” often raises unique issues as those couples try to untie the knots of a long marriage.

Divorce is complex and stressful at any age. I have represented many divorce clients in their 50s and 60s and some in their 80s and beyond. My name is Mike Darlington. I invite you to discuss your specific concerns in a free initial consultation. Call my Redding law office at 530-244-2600.

Divorce Doesn’t Get Easier When You’re Older

There are numerous considerations and complicating factors in gray divorce. From my 30 years of experience in California family law, I can get to the heart of these issues to put you in the best position for a favorable outcome.

I can help you anticipate the unique issues that may arise:

  • Retirement savings  Pension, 401(k) and IRA accounts may represent the lion’s share of your estate. Both spouses have an equal claim on that nest egg.
  • Property division  In general, older couples have more wealth and more complex assets. Assets owned separately when you married (such as a house or business) may have become “commingled” during the marriage.
  • Standard of living  It will be harder to maintain your lifestyle on one income, especially if you are retired.
  • Spousal support  Alimony is more commonly awarded in long-term marriages, especially, if one spouse has health issues or lacks employable skills.
  • Children  Though child custody is not an issue, a divorce late in life can still cause family rifts and possibly interfere with access to your grandchildren.
  • The single life  Some seniors embrace their “second act” after divorce, but other people experience depression or isolation. Is your support system in place?

Moving Forward After A Long-Term Marriage

Before I became a lawyer, I worked in the lending and finance industry for 10 years. My experience makes me uniquely qualified to counsel you on the legal and financial aspects of divorcing after age 50. You can count on me for strategic advice and aggressive representation during this major life transition.

I take divorce cases in all of Shasta County. To schedule a free initial consultation, contact me online or call 530-244-2600.

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