When The Rest Of Your Life Depends Upon It,

Only The Best Will Do

A law firm committed to defending your rights when family law issues arise.

When The Rest Of Your Life Depends Upon It, Only The Best Will Do

A law firm committed to defending your rights when family law issues arise.

Modifying Orders To Address Life Changes

When your divorce was finalized, you may have thought that the terms of your decree would stand the test of time. However, life changes in ways that you cannot anticipate. If you have experienced an unforeseen shift in circumstances, you may be able to modify your custody and financial support orders so that the terms better address your new family’s new situation.

At Mike Darlington, Attorney at Law, I help families throughout Shasta County who need to adjust or enforce court orders. I am intimately familiar with the post-judgment process. In addition to my years of practice in family law, I have served as a judge pro tem in family court. I know how to present strong arguments supporting your petition and can navigate this complex process efficiently.

Offering Extensive Post-Judgment Services

Changing the terms of your child’s support or custody order without receiving the court’s approval may save you money in the short run, but it can create endless headaches over time. You and your former spouse may agree to revised terms today. However, if the other party refuses to abide by this agreement in the future, you cannot take legal action to enforce these terms.

This is why it’s necessary to receive a court order for modifications. I dedicate a large portion of my practice to petitioning for:

  • Child support modifications to adjust payments as a result of a job promotion, job loss, financial hardship, change in the child’s needs or other reasons
  • Child custody modifications to address a substantial scheduling change, a relocation, the child’s preference or other significant life change
  • Spousal support/alimony modification or termination as a result of a former spouse’s remarriage, change in financial circumstances or other significant reason

When you hire me, I will help you complete the necessary paperwork and prepare you for your hearing. I will guide you through all steps of this process, allowing you to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Assisting Clients With Enforcement Matters

If your former spouse or your child’s parent violates the terms of your agreement, I am qualified to represent you in enforcement matters. I aggressively advocate for my clients struggling to receive the support they deserve or fighting to ensure their custody orders are followed.

As your advocate, I will vigorously pursue legal action to protect your best interests and the best interests of your children.

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